4 Tips To get The Most Out Of Your Next sofas in Auckland Purchase


When you purchase a sofa, you are making a long term investment. You may live for decades with one. Therefore, you need to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. We will not talk about the design of your sofa since it’s your personal decision but there are several other factors that you must consider to get a sofa that will last for years.

Follow these 4 pro tips to get the most out of your next sofas Auckland:

  1. Check out the fitting

Will you buy a couch that does not fit you? Sofa is meant to be comfortable and that’s why you must consider the comfort of the sofa you are going to purchase. If you opt-in for a recliner type of sofa then make sure that it is comfortable from all the positions. The fitting depends on the depth of the sofa. You have two options to choose from: deep and shallow. Make sure the sofa supports your back and gives a rest to your spinal cord. It should be comfortable if you are a tall heightened person or a short height person. If you are going to take a nap on your sofa then while buying lay down on the sofa and check the comfort level and decide id you can take a good nap in that.

  1. Check the frame with full focus

Fabrics like upholstery can be replaced with ease once they get old and worn. No sofa can be considered good if it’s not a quality one. After all, you don’t want to cut your pocket for its maintenance again and again. Check the frame of the sofa before buying if you want o do a quality purchase. Sofas that are cheap in rate are made of low-quality material like particleboard. But an ideal sofa will be made of materials like oak wood, and ash. A heap sofa will cost less during the time of purchase but will make your pocket empty due to maintenance with time.

Make sure the legs of the sofa are screwed. Do not buy if the legs are just glued otherwise be ready for a free fall.

A trick to test the durability of the sofa is to lift it to 6 inches from the ground. Check if the other leg slips from the ground little. If it doesn’t, then the quality of the frame is not good.

  1. Ask about the joining of parts

Sometimes, the store will not allow you to use the testing methodology described above. Therefore, to now about the quality of the frame, in that case, you can simply ask the salesperson to tell you which sofa has screwed legs and which are glued or stapled. Do not buy the sofa which is glued or stapled.

  1. Check the durability of arms

One of the weakest links of sofas Auckland is their arms. Make sure to check the durability of the arms. Especially, if you have toddlers who love to mess around the sofa a lot.

To check the arms, simply put excessive pressure on the arms and notice the response of the sofa. If nothing happens then it is a good one. If it leans then leave the store and run.


There are countless measures to but a sofa but the content described above is just more than enough to buy the right sofa for your home. Have a great shopping experience.