About Us

The Glenfern Team are responsible for not only “Glenfern Sanctuary” but the biodiversity management of the entire Kotuku Peninsula.

This unique area is administered by the Kotuku Peninsula Charitable Trust, consisting of landownwers and passionate individuals with specific skill sets.

We have few full time staff but employ the use of many skilled and passionate Great Barrier Island locals for specific tasks.

We usually have at least a couple of greatly appreciated volunteers living on site. If you’re interested in volunteering we’d love to hear from you. Contact Emma at info@glenfern.org.nz


A (very) brief history …
In 1992 Tony Bouzaid planted the first few trees in his property in Port Fitzroy that was later to become known as Glenfern Sanctuary.

20 years later the area of restoration has been expanded to include the entire 260 hectare peninsula and the Kotuku Peninsula Sanctuary was created.

This area is now protected by a 2km Xcluder Pest Proof Fence and is intensely managed and monitored.

The sanctuary is providing a safe habitat for many endangered native species including the black petrel, brown teal, chevron skink and the recently re-introduced North Island Robin.

Accomodation is available on-site through Glenfern Cottage and Fitzroy House