What are the Responsibilities of Property Managers?


If you have properties that you wish to be rented, but can’t handle the processes on your own, you should hire an Auckland property manages. You will thank yourself later that you hire such professionals when you learn what their responsibilities are.

They are responsible for the rent.

It doesn’t just stop with receiving and writing down who have paid their rent. The following below are the things property managers Auckland are responsible for.

Setting rent – property managers can set the rent level, but they know the right way so that your property attracts the right tenants. They possess the understanding of the market on where the property is at and even have overseen the comparable properties within the area.

Collecting rent – they also play the enforcer. They make sure cash flow is consistent with setting up a date when to collect the rent every month. They also set up strict rules for any tenant failing to pay on time.

Adjusting rent – they increase and decrease the rent according to the municipal law or individual state at a fixed percentage every year. Decreasing the rent will only be done when necessary.

Responsibility for the tenants

One of their main responsibilities is managing the tenants. They are involved in almost everything that happens, whether this is by finding the right tenants, dealing with their complaints, or even initiating evictions.

Finding tenants – they are solely responsible for searching for tenants in order to fill every vacancy within the property. They know where is the right place to advertise the vacancies and even what should be included in the ads. They also make suggestions on how to make your property look attractive to potential tenants.

Screening tenants – they sort through the applications in order to find the tenant that is fitted to your property. They follow consistent rules in the screening process. They even run background checks and credit checks, which decreases the chances of you getting accused of discrimination. Property managers Auckland with the right experience have seen thousands of tenants every year, so they have better ideas on how to choose the right tenants, those that pay on time, having long tenancy and make fewer problems, too.

Handling leases – they are also responsible for setting up the lease’s length and ensure that it has all the needed provisions that will protect the owner. This includes determining security deposit amount required.

Handling emergencies and/or complaints – they are also paid to deal with noise complaints, maintenance requests and even have the contacts necessary that will handle emergency cases.

Handling moving out – when a tenant decides to move out from the property, the property manager is the one responsible for inspecting the tenant’s unit, checking for any damages and even determining the portion of their security deposit that will be returned back to the tenant. After the move-out, they are then responsible for cleaning up the unit, repair damages if there are any, and search for a new tenant for it.

Are you in search of accommodation in Whanganui, New Zealand?


Are you looking for a nice accommodation after you have had a long day and a long flight from your home country? You must be extremely tired and will be in search of a very comfortable and peaceful accommodation to spend the rest of your days here in Whanganui.
For your ease, we have gathered some of the best options for accommodations in Whanganui. Below we mention a few of the best hotels in Whanganui from which you can choose any of the ones if you are there to stay. These are:
Some Wanganui accommodations for you to choose
• Quality Inn Collegiate
Quality Inn Collegiate is one of the best hotels which you will find in Whanganui for a few days and nights comfortable accommodation. It has some amazing features such as free Wi-Fi for the guests, a cable Tv on which you can watch your favourite television shows and an air-conditioned accommodation.
The location of the hotel is very nice as it is walking distance from central Whanganui and the Victoria Park, which means you will have no issues in going somewhere nearby. The location of the hotel is quite good. Apart from this, the Whanganui River and the paddle steamer is very near to the hotel making it more popular.
• The grand hotel
True to its name, this hotel in the Whanganui, is extremely huge with huge rooms and a huge lobby. You can easily access the internet all day long and the rooms are quite comfortable.
Apart from this, the grand hotel is located in the centre of Whanganui and is near to the sports complex as well which means you will face no problem if you wish to do some sports activity.
The staff of the grand hotel Whanganui speaks almost every kind of language which makes it popular worldwide as people of all nationalities can come to this hotel.
• Rutland arms in
There is a free parking space available for the guests staying in the Rutland’s arms in the hotel. This hotel is on the main street of the Whanganui. What makes this hotel different are the suites which can be accessed only by the most amazing staircase with royal décor.
The suites are comfortable and have many kinds of facilities. The room service is also available which you can call upon any time. The shopping area is nearby to the hotel, so is the sports stadium as well as the waterfront.
The Rutland arms in a hotel are only a 10 minutes drive from the Wanganui airport so the tourists can find their way to the hotel fairly quickly.
Time to decide now
Thus, these were a few of the best hotel accommodations which you can find in the Whanganui. If you are a tourist and visiting Whanganui for the first time, the following guide will help you in deciding which hotel should you be choosing and which hotel suits you best.
Look at this guide before you select the hotel accommodation in which you want to stay for the rest of your trip in Whanganui.

Why Opt for Invisible Braces?

Lucky are those who are blessed to have a very good alignment of teeth, for they no longer have the need to see their dentist install this unpleasant, painful and expensive teeth correction procedure known as dental braces. Yet, thanks to technology for bringing out the best in dental industry where patients may have a better option rather than wearing metallic braces and here it is! Introducing, the invisible braces and why you must opt for this kind when you want perfect, well-aligned teeth and you’ll realize having braces isn’t that bad at all.


Literally, it is invisible


Yes, why? Simply because may be attached to the back of your teeth rather than in front that’s being done with the traditional braces. The best thing about this being attached at the back of your teeth is that this will properly adjust to the contour of your teeth making it very comfortable for the back of your lips as well as when you smile; your mouth does not bulge. This type is totally customizable so there is no need for you to bear with any kind of discomfort just like the traditional braces.


Typically, invisible braces are made within a period of 2 months, not long enough for you to wait and knowing that your comfort will never be compromised, it will be all worth it. The process actually starts with your consultation with your orthodontist for him to have the impressions and contours of your teeth, after which, you will be given a written prescription and that will be sent to a laboratory to be scanned for the perfect form from the prescription model. A 3D technology will be used for imaging and have the braces formed with its guide.


Each and every detail of the wires and the brackets are based on your exact teeth alignment. These factors could contribute so much comfort not just on how you will feel upon wearing these invisible braces but also will give you so much confidence of not looking like a grade school nerd and even get bullied about it.


With this, you will be able to achieve that perfect smile and never before confidence when you speak and without anyone knowing that you actually had your teeth aligned with braces. Yet some people may also have the desire of having their braces on the front for some purposes such as its designs and colors which is also good but the effectiveness and aesthetics will always be with the invisible braces and true to your expectations, you will be able to get what you have invested.


This is also best for kids for this is such a safe type of braces most especially when they play and slip facedown because there were incidents happen of patients having lip injury after falling and have their lips either lacerated or bruised with braces that were installed on front teeth. It is all up to you where to invest, but invisible braces are of the most recommended.





Top 3 reasons to invest in development and design



A web developer and designer can provide essentials services that every website owner needs to take advantage of. For one thing, those web developers can help you out when it comes to having a better-looking site. And second of all, they can also help you build a new website that works and functions properly. So you really must consider hiring these sorts of people if you want to try and get a better overall looking website design, with more functions as well.


So have you seriously considered investing in these kinds of services yet? If you are not yet convinced that you should spend the extra money to pay a web developer and designer, then you should rethink your position. The various reasons that are going to be listed below should help convince you of the importance of these kinds of services when it comes to site development.


  1. Implement features that work

For those that want a problem-free and bug-free website in general, then you need to hire professional developers. This is because they know what exactly to do if they want to try and build a site from scratch so that it functions properly and has got all of the necessary features too.


  1. Gives you great looking designs

For those website owners that want the best regarding site design, then you need to find a professional company of designers. This is because they can give you great looking designs that look timeless and have got a wide appeal. And as every site owner should know, it is a crucial thing to have a great looking site that has got a lot of wide market appeal.


  1. Faster and more value

These professionals can build a website for you at a much faster pace than you can. And this is quite important since if you want a website set up much quicker, then you need the help of a professional team of developers and designers. Plus the extra speed of their work is not the only thing that will lend more value to their services. The fact that they can offer other kinds of services such as site feature implementation plus design also means that you can get more bang for your buck.


You can get a lot of things if you ever decide to work with a professional site developer and designer. Remember, you actually need to have a top of the line site, if you want to your whole online venture to succeed. And that can be done through the assistance of a web development company.


There are a ton of other reasons why working with a company that offers website development north shore services is a great idea. If you have not already found a company that you can work with, then you had better start looking for one right now. The earlier that you can work with site design company, then the better the end design of your whole site will look. So try and research about which companies are the best ones to work with when it comes to site development and design.

The Benefits of Having Such Unique Tattoos

Being your own self is already being unique from the rest, and it is actually a human nature to be different.  From features to interests, humans may tend to have a different perspective on all things just like when it comes to having some tattoos. For some, being different is something for them to be proud of and one thing that adds to their pride is having an awesome unique tattoo only they have for the rest of the crowd. The following will let you know how an unusual tattoo could really affect the life of the person and how good it feels to be different.


Getting a tattoo not only gives you appealing looks reflecting your personality but when you have one that differs from any other designs will give you so much pride and somewhat you will become so interesting through it. Having a piece of an art attached to your delicate skin is something that will make you a walking piece of art canvass, making others more interested of knowing you and what’s behind of that unique art you manifest.


Unique tattoos will not just improve how others see you but also on how you see yourself as you and no other. This is such a good thing for you to experience falling in love with yourself again. This is one reason why people who had been in difficult times may tend to get inked for they would like to have something new, something better and something that will make them feel good after a devastating experience.


Having a unique tattoo will also make you stand out from the crowd most especially these days when people just confirm at each other. Making it hard for some to be their selves because they are been easily judged by people who never walked their path. So having one requires so much commitment and courage that will test on how much you will take to stand your ground and for what you believe is good for yourself.


Looking for a unique tattoo will make you know yourself more and this is something so important most especially for the people who have lost their soles into something that they are not. It is really a satisfying thing for us to do when we find ourselves piece by piece. The more you know what you want, the more you can come up with your desired design that will make it different from the rest.


These are the good things a unique tattoo will be able to make your experience. In life, there are things that we really need to think deeper, in a more soulful perspective and choosing a tattoo design for yourself will make you look into a deeper meaning of your being and of your existence. So what are you waiting for? Have your design now and let your real self-stand out! Just make sure you’re with the best artist you can find in your area.




Why Hire a Professional Plumber?


There are certain plumbing issues at home that oftentimes can get really simplistic. Yet the truth is, there is not an exact answer for every problem homeowners face when it comes to plumbing issues. You might be able to find popular fixes for the most common issues, there are still certain cases wherein you think about hiring a professional plumber in Browns Bay that will handle your own household problem.

In most cases, it is best that you don’t do everything by yourself, especially when it involves your family’s safety, not to mention your own peace of mind. You may have already tried dealing with the plumbing issue and make it into a pet project, yet it backfired. Before it comes at this stage, you need to let the professionals handle the case.

Most people hesitate to hire the professional plumber Browns Bay because of the costs, but there are benefits that you’ll get from hiring these professionals, especially when you already have one ready on standby.

Hire Licensed Plumber Browns Bay During Your non-DIY times to achieve a peace of mind. You may have already watched those YouTube videos wherein it teaches you to solve the problem on your own. But you feel that you can’t do it on your own after all. If this is the case with your situation, you don’t need to worry at all. Not all plumbing problems can be turned into a pet project where you can solve it overnight. There are certain plumbing issues wherein it warrants you to hire a licensed or professional plumber that will do all the dirty work in your home for you.

Licensed plumbers are able to take a look at the big picture of the existing layout of your home. No matter how simple a plumbing career looks, it is still a discipline of its own. This is why they need to carry a license to provide proof to their clients that they are following standards according to the regulatory board they are under. These professionals aren’t just going to go ahead using the wrench. They take exams that take place almost every year, not to mention they also update their knowledge through the continual education on plumbing trends. They get to demystify the plumbing drawings’ nuances, system layouts and material takeoff procedures that are otherwise look like gibberish to the regular eyes.

You get to consult from a licensed plumber Browns Bay for the planned improvements to the house. You may have already been thinking about converting your old water heater into a solar-powered device. Or you can also be thinking about remodelling the bathroom to incorporate jet massagers inside the bathtub. Rather than launching your plans right away and then deal with the effects of your decisions later, get a licensed plumber to inform you of the potential consequences of your plans. They will be able to provide you with the pros and cons so you get to decide carefully whether you are going to pursue your plans or not.

Getting Here

Glenfern Sanctuary is located on Glenfern Road in Port FitzRoy on the Kotuku Peninsula, on Great Barrier Island.

The island is located just on the outer edge of the Hauraki Gulf, on the top of the North Island of New Zealand.


Whether you decide to travel by sea, air or take advantage of both options, traveling to the island is enjoyable in its self andpart of the experience. In all cases bookings are essential.

Timetables and prices can vary with season and can be weather dependent so always check with the service provider.

Travelling by air:
Provides an incredible bird’s eye view of many of the Hauraki Gulf islands as well as Great Barrier itself.


Great Barrier Airlines provide frequent daily flights to the island. Departure from Auckland, Northshore, Whangarei and Coromandel airports. Phone 0800 900 600


Fly My Sky provide frequent daily flights to the island. Departure from Auckland airport. Phone 0800 222 123

Travelling by sea

Allows you the opportunity to see schools of dolphins and occasionally whales.


Fullers run a boat service to Tryphenaand Port FitzRoy during December and January, the ferry is comfortable and fast. It takes around two hours from Auckland.

Sealink runs a regular service To Tryphena as well as Port Fitzroy on Wednesdays, taking both passengers and vehicles. It takes approximately 4 to 4 1/2 hours. Bookings are essential. We offer complimentary pick-up from Port Fitzroy Wharf which is minutes from our doorstep.

guided walk

Glenfern Trail is a well formed track through native regenerating and old growth forest incorporating a swing bridge into the canopy of a 600 year old kauri tree.

Please email or phone to book a guided tour. We require a minimum of six people and prefer a weeks’ advance notice.

To get the full experience we recommend a guided tour with our environmental scientist in residence. Starting with an interactive presentation in our new interpretation room, she will show you through the sanctuary and you may even learn something along the way!

Along the trail you will;

Be among the 15,000+ trees we have planted here to date

See the best view on the island from “Sunset Rock”

Come face-to-face with a giant weta or two!

Peer into a black petrel burrow and (if they are home) see one of the most endangered birds in the world

Walk into the canopy of a 600 year old kauri tree

Visit our resident brown teal flock in their purpose built pond

Experience native bird-life reinvigorated by years of intense management

Look for native fish and the unfathomably rare chevron skink in the gently flowing streams

Glenfern Trail is about 2 kms long and involves some uphill walking. The Guided Tour takes 2-3 hours to do and a lift to the top of the hill is included so a very low level of fitness is required

Guided Walk $40 per person, minimum of 6. By appointment only, please contact us to make a booking.

There are many other walks that can be done in the neighbouring DoC reserve including day and overnight walks. We offer a cost efficient package tour that incorporates many of these walks complete with track start/end transport and comfortable accommodation at Fitzroy House and Glenfern Cottage within the Sanctuary.

Spring 2012

The intensity of rodent control, particularly over the summer months, raised
the question of the sustainability of the project in the long term. The Glenfern
Sanctuary Board asked Auckland Council Environment to put together a
task force of people involved in pest control to review the Kotuku Restoration
Project with a view to finding a way to achieve effective results with more
economic use of resources. The review was to be wide ranging to include
other potential resources and methods of obtaining them. The first result of
the review produced a new Rat Control Plan based on successful models
in other parts of the region. Largely changing from a trapping to a baiting
regime, this would be an expansion of other rat control projects at Mohunga
and Kaikoura Island. We will commence the new system in September.
Part of the new system will be to run three index lines across the peninsula
and another two outside the Sanctuary area, all of which wiill be monitored
five times a year. While this does not tell us how many rats are on the
peninsula it does provide an indication of density. The Access database will
be modified to report on data collected in the same format as ‘Ark in the
Index lines were monitoired prior to the new baiting regime, and results are
shown in the figure at right.
One of the presentations
at the launch of the State
of the Environment Report
on the Hauraki Gulf at the
Auckland War Memorial
Museum highlighted the
plight of the black petrel.
It seems that despite our
remarkable increase in
nesting sites on Kotuku, the
population that only exists
on Aotea and Hauturu are still in decline, largely due to by-catch on long
lines. There is some hope that new technology currently being developed
may help to reverse this decline. Biz Bell (the scientist monitoring the black
petrels) is attaching transmitters to fledglings to monitor their travels after
hatching and we may get to place some on our birds in the near future.

Summer 2012

A year of wonders.
The sun has come out, there is hardly room to row a dingy across
the harbour, 12 planes a day fly overhead, music and laughter are
audible across the bay at “the boat club” and the Sanctuary is a
buzz of activity of guests, visitors, volunteers and staff.

Summer is here!
So much of what we do each day is “business as usual” that
it’s very gratifying to have so many people come through the
sanctuary at this time of year and either be amazed to see it
for the first time or comment on the progress they have seen
since last time they dropped anchor in the bay.
And when you sit back and take stock at times like this, it
suddenly becomes apparent that quite a lot has happened
since last summer.
What started as a few backpackers planting a couple of trees
on the weekend has culminated into a roster of specifically
skilled volunteers living on site in their own purpose built
The couple of random Brown Teal that would wander up to the
house from time to time is now the Glenfern Pateke Program
with over 30 graduates in the past year and (we just had word)
the green light to expand their habitat and link the two, now
very successful, ponds.
A year ago we would never have thought that we had not only a good population of endangered Black
Petrel but also the elusive Cook’s petrel establishing a colony right in our backyard.
And all this is inextricably linked to the technology that we are now using for finding, monitoring, tracking
and recording everything from mice to kaka. Last December we were looking at the software that is now
so much part of our everyday life and thinking “I wonder how that stuff works?”
But of course retrospect also is a reminder
that we are now one year departed from our
founder and mentor. Tony passed away a year
ago in October, so this summer is a reminder
that we have been helming the ship for him
for over a year now. Hopefully he would be
happy with the course we are heading.