260 hectares of established and regenerating native bush carefully managed and monitored within a predator proof fence.


A predator proof fence runs along the eastern perimeter of the Kotuku Peninsula


Aerial photo of Port Fitzroy in 1959 (a barren Kotuku peninsula is displayed on the right)


With the success of the Glenfern Sanctuary Project and the return of the birdlife of old, Tony had the vision to extend the predator controlled area to the entire Kotuku Peninsula. This was to be an enormous undertaking and required something more than just baiting and planting.

The solution was two fold. The first step was to put in a grid netwok of over 1200 tracking tunnels so that we would know the location any pests within the monitored area. The second step was installing a 2km long Xcluder Predator Proof Fence that would guard the entire peninsula from reinvasion.

Kotuku Peninsula showing the monitoring grid including over 2500 tunnels and
bait stations

The fence and moitoring system have been in place for over three years now. In that time there have been many reinvasions but with a constantly evolving mangement plan and concientious work we are able to keep pests at bay.

See our latest peninsula-wide monitoring results here.