Since the installation of our acoustic attraction
device (to read the full article click here)
we now have a confirmed new Cook’s Petrel
colony within the sanctuary! The birds
are burrowing near the southwest coast of
the peninsula, as seen on our burrow location
After Jo Sim and her amazing burrow locating
hound Maddi sniffed out a multitude of
Cook’s and Black Petrel burrows within the
sanctuary it has been our job to monitor
them. The first task at hand was to determine
the species residing within each burrow. We
decided upon the least intrusive method,
which involved the use of a trail camera
generously provided by forest and bird… This
camera contains new technology and uses
motion sensors heat detectors and infared
lighting to capture images. It was rotated
throughout the sanctuary and set up outside
each burrow to catch the petrels at their late
night entrance and exits.
The job has now turned to monitoring the
petrels breeding success, for which we have
upon our tried and true burrowscope. This
device also involves a camera with infa-red
lighting wired through a three metre long
goose-neck, which is maneuvered through
the winding burrow tunnels. The camera projects
a picture onto a monitor located outside
the burrow and will allow us to verify the
presence of petrel fledglings.