Spring 2013

The season of new life has again arrived.
This is the season that we look up and take stock, and this is
the year that we can see the fruits of two decades of hard
The birds are back.
We have not yet started our official annual bird count this year
but no-one who has stood outside Fitzroy House this spring has
failed to comment on it. Not only annual visitors and guests,
but locals who have lived without a morning chorus their
whole life are telling us – things are different now.
Comments like these are just as much music to our ears
as the bird song itself and so too was the inundation of
supportive phone calls and emails we received after the last
newsletter. The response was humbling. So many people
were concerned for the welfare of the sanctuary and, indeed
of us, that it completely sent home how special this place is.
So let us take this opportunity to assure everybody without any
ambivalence whatsoever;
We are the kaitiaki of Kotuku peninsula. This is our duty and
we shall be here for as long as we are needed.

And further to that, given our current situation – we are now
redesigning how the peninsula is managed. The Glenfern
Sanctuary Charitable Trust (as it is presently known) will be
rebranded as the Kotuku Peninsula Charitable Trust.
With the active support of all the landowners of the peninsula
we are taking Tony’s dream into a sustainable, long term
position. We are using the present situation as an opportunity
to formulate a way to make the Kotuku peninsula a safe
haven for native species always – regardless of names on
For everyone of you who receive this newsletter we invite you
to follow the journey with us. We are here for you, the birds,
the lizards and the trees.