Summer 2012

A year of wonders.
The sun has come out, there is hardly room to row a dingy across
the harbour, 12 planes a day fly overhead, music and laughter are
audible across the bay at “the boat club” and the Sanctuary is a
buzz of activity of guests, visitors, volunteers and staff.

Summer is here!
So much of what we do each day is “business as usual” that
it’s very gratifying to have so many people come through the
sanctuary at this time of year and either be amazed to see it
for the first time or comment on the progress they have seen
since last time they dropped anchor in the bay.
And when you sit back and take stock at times like this, it
suddenly becomes apparent that quite a lot has happened
since last summer.
What started as a few backpackers planting a couple of trees
on the weekend has culminated into a roster of specifically
skilled volunteers living on site in their own purpose built
The couple of random Brown Teal that would wander up to the
house from time to time is now the Glenfern Pateke Program
with over 30 graduates in the past year and (we just had word)
the green light to expand their habitat and link the two, now
very successful, ponds.
A year ago we would never have thought that we had not only a good population of endangered Black
Petrel but also the elusive Cook’s petrel establishing a colony right in our backyard.
And all this is inextricably linked to the technology that we are now using for finding, monitoring, tracking
and recording everything from mice to kaka. Last December we were looking at the software that is now
so much part of our everyday life and thinking “I wonder how that stuff works?”
But of course retrospect also is a reminder
that we are now one year departed from our
founder and mentor. Tony passed away a year
ago in October, so this summer is a reminder
that we have been helming the ship for him
for over a year now. Hopefully he would be
happy with the course we are heading.