Summer 2014-2015

It’s summertime…
Some days its incredibly inspirational working here.
Recently I had a family group of nine volunteer a
day of their annual holiday time to weed, mulch
and help maintain our Pateke habitat area, all
organised by their 15 year old son – a passionate
conservationist and ornithologist. He had emailed
several weeks earlier enquiring about volunteering
and carried through, arriving with two families all
keen to contribute their time despite the searing
temperature (their reward was a tour of Glenfern
walk to see the black petrel, followed by a refreshing
Whilst they were weeding I had another family group
arrive for a guided tour. This group had three girls from
5 to 12 years old, so I assumed a relatively quick tour.
I was proved very wrong. They were totally absorbed
along the tour, exclaiming at the weta, enthralled
by the Kauri tree swing-bridge and platform and
impressed by the black petrel sitting diligently in its
burrow. They had lots of questions and really inspired
me as to the value of the work we are doing here.
This enthusiasm makes the more mundane tasks of
rodent control all worth it, although we have had
many wins recently in this area as well. More on this
DOC continue to be our primary funding source with
a successful bid to the Community Conservation
Partnership Fund secured late last year. This will
provide funding for biosecurity and help towards

restoration projects for 2015. Other funding is being
sought towards bird monitoring and tracks for this
As we launch ourselves into another anticipated
busy year, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank
all the people that have contributed their time
and resources to support this Sanctuary, helping to
‘create a safe haven for our native species’.
Emma, Scott and Pippa