Winter 2013

A special message from Mal Bouzaid, chairperson
of the Glenfern Sanctuary Charitable Trust:
It is with sadness that we announce to you all that the
property known as Fitzroy House is going on the market in
Following Tony’s sudden and unexpected death in late 2011,
my family and I have approached several organisations with
a view to them purchasing the property, and thus continuing
to provide public access, to no avail. Until now we have
allowed unrestricted access to the public over the Fitzroy
House land, in return for a donation towards defraying the
costs of maintaining the land as a sanctuary.
We are very sorry to advise that from 30th September 2013
the property will be closed to the general public. Guests and
all of those who have assisted us with the protected species,
including DoC, OPC, Auckland University and Auckland
Council will still have access by appointment.We would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and
Emma, the managers, for their professionalism and expertise
over the last 18 months this has been invaluable. Fitzroy
House and Glenfern Cottage are still available for holiday
Mal Bouzaid & Family